ART OPENING in the Arts District

THURSDAY 2/9 @ 7-10 PM

Starting 2/10 thru 4/5, public hours are Wednesday-Sunday @ 12-8 PM

District Gallery @ 740 E. 3rd St., Los Angeles 90013 MAP WEBSITE

presenting “WOUNDED BEAST” by David Hollen


The new District Gallery premieres with an art installation by local artist David Hollen. His sculpture “Wounded Beast” is a 14-foot-long “creature” constructed of five ribs of rebar steel skinned with woven nylon rope (used for mooring ships) and featuring a “wound” highlighted by 13 crystal baubles spotlit to add a glittery effect. Primarily, Hollen creates his organic art using steel, wood, rope, wire, porcelain, and other resilient everyday materials. His solo show at District Gallery marks his first in the neighborhood and centers around a work that dominants, yet showcases, the intimate space. Designed and assembled in his basement studio, dismantled after creation, and then reassembled yet again in pieces within the gallery, “Wounded Beast” stems from Hollen’s exploration of the basic structure underlying natural forms and expressing them with ubiquitous durable materials.

IMAGE: David Hollen works on his “Wounded Beast” artwork. ©Photo by Melissa Richardson Banks | Downtown Muse

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