Medallion inspired by Wolfskill Groves

Medallion detail of Arts District sign

Medallion installed on lightpole

Here are a few sneak-peek photos of the public art medallions designed and produced by Arts District artist and resident Valerie Mitchell. Two designs were made: one artistically reflects the area as it was in the 1850s – an agricultural green space full of citrus groves and vineyards, the former Wolfskill Ranch; and the other of an interpretation of the iconic red-yellow-blue triangle sign used by the city to designate Artist-in-Residence (AIR) industrial buildings — both installed in an aluminum infrastructure as if the viewer is seeing them through an opening of the 1930s-era 4th Street Bridge. Initially, the medallions will be installed on 40 city light poles — the AIR triangle version (13), along the designated perimeter of former CRA zone, and the Wolfskill version (27) in the midst as a visual reminder of the area’s former agricultural past. The project was funded by a grant provided to the artist through the Arts District BID from the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA/LA).

PUBLIC UNVEILING CEREMONY: Saturday 2/25 @ 10:30 AM near Urth Caffe at 451 S. Hewitt St., Los Angeles 90013

Photos courtesy of Valerie Mitchell (Wolfskill medallion and AIR medallion in production) and Scot Ezzell (medallion installed on city light pole).

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