A-MUSE-ing Video of Me by The Skinny Gorillas!

Happy to share this “a-MUSE-ing” video by The Skinny Gorillas of me talking about my photography.

This video was produced for my exhibition as the “February 2014 Featured Artist” for the Los Angeles Downtown Art WalkSpecial thanks to Qathryn Brehm and Jeremy Quant of the Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk plus my new friends from The Skinny Gorillas: Rashid Belt, Wiola Marek, Tom Colley and talk show host Ashley Iola!

Downtown Los Angeles. Made on 1/22/12. Shot and edited on the iPhone 4S by filmmaker Jason Ruscio. Here’s his description below:

Rain! How rare it comes and what a wonderful break from all that sunshine. It’s especially nice downtown, where the streets glimmer and the buildings shine. As for my approach to this entry, there is very little camera movement, as I let the rain provide that. I was also eager to do a piece with more close-ups, and “Rain” provided this opportunity.

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