It Was Time to Move On …

This poignant painting by Glenn Waggner is the latest acquisition into my art collection. Its title of “It was Time to Move On” is timely and appropriate … As of May 31, 2017, I have vacated my loft in the Arts District after 20 years (I’ve lived in Downtown Los Angeles even longer … since 1993!). I continue to divide my time between California and Texas, but have now officially relocated my business CauseConnect LLC to Houston. With the recent announcement of The Cheech Center for Chicano Art, Culture & Industry in Riverside where I will play a key role, the expansion of my work with long-time national clients such as Toyota and Target, and the significant changes in my beloved Arts District, IT WAS TIME. In this day and age, I can serve my clients wherever I am, and after three years of flying back and forth across two states, I decided having multiple residences and work spaces was too much. I can be mobile, nimble, flexible, and free.

And, as Glenn’s painting so eloquently conveys, “It was time to move on …”

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