LOS ANGELES: Artist Lisa Solberg’s Mister Lee’s Shangri-La at MAMA Gallery

Mister Lee's Shangri-la by Lisa Solberg
Mister Lee's Shangri-La by Lisa SolbergWondering what neon, plants, and strippers have to do with Arts District artist Lisa Solberg‘s work? Find out by seeing her latest atmospheric show “Mister Lee’s Shangri-La,” which opens on Saturday, December 19 @ 7-10pm at MAMA Gallery in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles — it’s on view during public hours until Saturday, January 23, 2016.

Solberg brings her “immersive exotic dance club sheltered inside an exotic greenhouse” experience fresh from its star-studded debut at this year’s Art Basel in Miami Beach. Plan to see an amazing array of choreographed colorful performances inside of the otherwise stark gallery space that will be packed with “lush plant life and pink neon lights.” A mix of works for sale and as an experiential installation, the show includes a range of Lisa’s art from her signature large-scale paintings and reflective works to charcoal sketches, watercolors, and more. Additionally, she’s set up multiple stations around the gallery where dancers perform against a neon-lit greenhouse setting.

Coco Bunny

A former professional skier who also happens to be married to Wurstküche co-founder Joseph Pitruzzelli, Solberg is an accomplished abstract expressionist painter and innovative installation artist who has exhibited widely in solo and group shows internationally. She is the creator of Coco Bunny, an existential rabbit avatar and “psychic guide to the light.” Her IMG_6212_15282024HR PSYCHIC installation formerly occupied what is now Blacktop Coffee as a “ghost gallery” open to the public 24 hours a day every day during December 2013 thru February 2014 (it currently exists as 24HR PSYCHIC ONLINE, which allows people to digitally submit “burning life” questions through the website).

Plan to attend the show and get ready to transcend into what Solberg promises to be “the shape of a golden citizen, allowing your self-consciousness to rust away, your morals to melt, and merge with the immaterial in a one-time-only no-place.” Mister Lee’s Shangri-La is intended to “strip you bare, exposing your truth in a sweet-smelling, earthly paradise.” See you there, golden and bare!

ARTIST OPENING: SAT 12/19/15 @ 7-10pm

Mister Shangri-La by Lisa Solberg is on view during gallery hours SAT 12/19/15 thru SAT 1/23/16.

MAMA Gallery
1242 Palmetto Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 256-0036

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