While I lived in Downtown Los Angeles since 1993, sadly I only began photo-documenting the Arts District in early 2005. I originally set up a private blog to share photos with my family; most of whom live in Texas. My photos only became public in February 2012 when I decided to share some of them to help promote an art and music festival called BloomfestLA. I wanted to visually convey how cool the area was, and I found it difficult to find the types of photographs I wanted and needed, so I drew from my own archive. Amazingly, the public response was positive, and I now share my daily shots of the Arts District (and occasionally, other locales) using a variety of social media networks: Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and more. This website serves to consolidate them all into one place, and allows me also to offer more in terms of background materials and information to place my photography into context.

I don’t take photos with the thought of sharing with them with anyone but myself. I started taking shots daily once I realized how quickly my beloved neighborhood was changing, and as my brain becomes more befuddled and memories begin to fade, I didn’t want to forget anything. What I shoot is what I love and what I want to remember. The saturation of color is what I see in my mind, and I rarely use filters … mostly, I simply deepen the richness of the existing colors. I do everything on the fly — typically, I’m walking my dogs — around the times of sunrise and sunset, whipping out my camera to take a shot that I don’t want to forget while juggling their leashes, tap a few buttons, and voila — my photo is shared with my followers and friends in the digital world.