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Welcome to the newly expanded website for Downtown Muse. When I first launched this site in late 2010, it largely stayed inactive until a year ago. During February 2012, I began more proactively and publicly sharing photos and information about the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, even introducing a weekly events calendar (which I will reinstate in March 2013 instead as a monthly version). As interest has grown, I realized that we needed an expanded format, but since this is a side project in addition to operating my full-time business CauseConnect LLC, I held off as long as I could.

Bear with me as, over the coming weeks, new website features are tested and introduced that enhance your experience and add efficiencies to mine! The new format will allow me to better share what’s happening in the Arts District and proudly publicize what local residents are doing here and elsewhere.

~ Best, Melissa aka Downtown Muse

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