ORDER NOW: Tamale Queen Delivers to Arts District!

It’s that time of year when I order from Tina the Tamale Queen who brings my annual Christmas order of tamales freshly handmade by none other than Tamales Alberto to the Arts District. She and her husband make the PERFECT tamales — preparing with that “just-right” ratio of masa de maiz to plentiful fillings!

Place your order with me TODAY and your dozen or more will be delivered here just in time for the holidays! Only $1.50 each or $18 per dozen – mix and match, but know that flavors may be swapped due to demand. YES, they have VEGETARIAN options, and if you ONLY want those, of course, be sure to mention that, too.

Send me an email now by clicking HERE or call me at (213) 537-4483 to place your order as a group for the Arts District delivery! You can drop off payment and I’ll hold your tamales if you’re not around tonight and tomorrow when she comes!

Beef with Red Salsa
Pork with Red Salsa
Tofu with Chipotle Sauce

Chicken with Mole
Spinach & Cheese Tamale

Bean & Cheese
Ground Beef with Tomato, Carrots & Potato

Cheese with Red Salsa
Chicken with Green Salsa
Chicken & Cheese with Green Salsa


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