PROJECT 52: It’s My Birthday on June 5 …

Yep, it’s my birthday on Friday, June 5, and I’ve decided to walk, cycle or drive every single one of the 52 blocks that constitutes the current “official boundaries” of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. Why? Well, this is the end of my 52nd year (Right!?? I don’t think I look that old, either!) and what I believe to be the “end” of the 52 blocks of the Arts District as our community expands beyond its borders. That’s how I feel about my life from now on … stretching beyond what formerly confined me into a defined space, and moving ahead. That’s exactly what our neighborhood is doing — spilling out into new places and transitioning into something new.

Join me on my trek — online or in person — as I tweet my locations and post photos on Friday, June 5, morning to night. If you have a studio, a public artwork, a business, or something you’d like me to see or do along the way, send me an email or comment through my social media networks. Either way, follow me online at @DowntownMuse on Instagram and Twitter!

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