Salt & Straw Cools off the Oh-So-Hot Arts District

Salt & Straw TruckYum! I am not much of a “sweets” person, but when the heat is on, I do crave ice cream! So, lucky for me, during this recent wave of hotness, I made my way to the Salt & Straw ice cream truck conveniently parked down the street from my Arts District loft where it sits waiting until construction is completed on its upcoming 3rd Street retail location. Emily and Matt of Salt & StrawEmily and Matt, the two scoopmasters staffing the truck when I got there, were delighted to let me taste the five flavors available that night. I’m typically a “chocolate only” kind of ice cream gal, so while I loved their version, I settled on one I was surprised I adored “oh so much” … Roasted Strawberry & Toasted White Chocolate! What??!!!!?? My taste buds just went bonkers when I tried this one, so I happily left, slurping a massive scoop on a cone as I maneuvered the hot streets of L.A.

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