A-MUSE-ing Video of Me by The Skinny Gorillas!

Happy to share this “a-MUSE-ing” video by The Skinny Gorillas of me talking about my photography.

This video was produced for my exhibition as the “February 2014 Featured Artist” for the Los Angeles Downtown Art WalkSpecial thanks to Qathryn Brehm and Jeremy Quant of the Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk plus my new friends from The Skinny Gorillas: Rashid Belt, Wiola Marek, Tom Colley and talk show host Ashley Iola!

Downtown Muse Day Trip — jumping for joy at Joshua Tree’s Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture

Since 1989, Noah Purifoy has filled two-and-a-half acres of the high desert in Joshua Tree with a sculpture garden that has synthesized the concerns of his life. Working freely with all kinds of materials and at every possible scale, he pushed himself and his work to create what many of us who have experienced his desert site feel needs to be preserved for posterity.

The isolated site receives five to ten visitors a week, people from all over the world who have heard about him and his project largely through word of mouth. A caring and dedicated group of individuals has established the Noah Purifoy Foundation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The land upon which Noah lived and worked for over 10 years was donated and is now in the care of the Noah Purifoy Foundation. An additional two lots adjacent to his original site was purchased and donated to provide a total space of seven-and-a-half acres for the sculpture garden and future cultural center.

Oh, my … a jumper! San Francisco, 1/6/12

Golden Gate Bridge National Park

Rock scrambling at Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park, 1/13/12

Smoke Tree Wash in Joshua Tree National Park, 1/13/12

Springing in the desert sand … Downtown Muse (Salton Sea, California)

Today I learned that, if you smile REAL BIG until your face hurts and keep it that way no matter what, you can hold back tears for damn near seven hours until you have to open your mouth to say “good bye.” (Big Sur, California)