Life sucks today …

Darn! Can’t decide?!?

Thank goodness … I was worried that you didn’t!

Between Venice and Downtown Los Angeles … where’s my heart? <3

Today I learned that, if you smile REAL BIG until your face hurts and keep it that way no matter what, you can hold back tears for damn near seven hours until you have to open your mouth to say “good bye.” (Big Sur, California)

Levitating at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur

Okay, my boyfriend got us two tickets to this super-secret underground show tonight with Devendra Banhart (only about 20 guests or so!) … now here’s my confession —  I never heard of him or his psych-folk indie genre until Beau Bob sprung this big surprise on me — okay, so I’m totally exposing that I’m, well … not so cool after all! Oh well … maybe I’ll be cooler tomorrow AFTER the show!

I’m HOOKED on DEVENDRA after listening and watching this YouTube video:

Whew … I finished it! Check out the first official BloomfestLA festival guide. Proud of my work as publisher, editor, and chief copywriter, but couldn’t have done it without contributors Jonathan Jerald for his feature articles, Edgar Varela for his editing skills, Ted Meyer of Art Your World for his layout (and additional design work) that complements original poster art and brand identity by Christine Hale, Eva Crawford for her additional layout and design, and photographers Ed Fuentes, Gary Leonard, and Raymond Y. Newton for sharing their images. Lots more people to thank, but they are the top ones!


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Wheat-paste of the day by Columbian street artist MASNAH in Downtown Los Angeles Arts District