ART OPENING in the Arts District

THURSDAY 2/9 @ 7-10 PM

Starting 2/10 thru 4/5, public hours are Wednesday-Sunday @ 12-8 PM

District Gallery @ 740 E. 3rd St., Los Angeles 90013 MAP WEBSITE

presenting “WOUNDED BEAST” by David Hollen


The new District Gallery premieres with an art installation by local artist David Hollen. His sculpture “Wounded Beast” is a 14-foot-long “creature” constructed of five ribs of rebar steel skinned with woven nylon rope (used for mooring ships) and featuring a “wound” highlighted by 13 crystal baubles spotlit to add a glittery effect. Primarily, Hollen creates his organic art using steel, wood, rope, wire, porcelain, and other resilient everyday materials. His solo show at District Gallery marks his first in the neighborhood and centers around a work that dominants, yet showcases, the intimate space. Designed and assembled in his basement studio, dismantled after creation, and then reassembled yet again in pieces within the gallery, “Wounded Beast” stems from Hollen’s exploration of the basic structure underlying natural forms and expressing them with ubiquitous durable materials.

IMAGE: David Hollen works on his “Wounded Beast” artwork. ©Photo by Melissa Richardson Banks | Downtown Muse

MURAL ORDINANCE TALK in the Arts District

TUESDAY 2/7 @ 7-10 PM

LaLa Gallery @ 1335 Willow St., Los Angeles 90013  MAP   WEBSITE

featuring artists Shepard Fairey and SABER, Tanner Blackman, Daniel Lahoda, and representatives from Los Angeles CIty Council Districts 9 & 14

IMAGE: New mural by RETNA commissioned by Jetset Graffiti for L.A. Freewalls project now in production on an exterior wall of LaLa Gallery along Santa Fe Ave.  ©Photo by Melissa Richardson Banks | Downtown Muse

FREE EVENT in the Arts District


Handsome Coffee Roasters @ 582 Mateo St., Los Angeles 90013  MAP  WEBSITE

Three consecutive nights of FREE great coffee for the locals

If you haven’t snuck around back to Handsome Coffee’s “Illegal Coffee Parlour” for an espresso, then it’s time. Construction at their Arts District hangout is almost done, and the baristas want to start officially “breaking in the coffee bar.” Get in line as many times as you’d like – they say they want to make you as much coffee as your heart desires. And while it’s really for the locals, if you’ve got friends who you love, you’re welcome to bring them along.

IMAGE: Justin Beaver, Handsome’s official mascot, will be on hand. ©Photo by Melissa Richardson Banks | Downtown Muse

LIVE THEATRE in the Arts District

FRIDAY 2/10 @ 8 PM

Archway Theatre @ 305 S. Hewitt St., Los Angeles 90013  MAP   WEBSITE

PLAY PREMIERE: Six Degrees of Separation

written by John Guare • directed by Steven Sabel

TICKETS $18 • Call (213) 237-9933

Performances through March 11 (Friday and Saturday @ 8 PM – Sunday @ 2 PM)

GOIN’ VEGAN with Downtown Muse

Here’s my juice of the day … pineapple, green apple, cucumber, ginger (Kitchen of Downtown Muse – Arts District, Los Angeles)

Le Mutant from France playing on outdoor stage at Arts District’s Downtown Artist Space in Los Angeles

House Sounds playing at neighborhood party at Downtown Artists Space (Arts District – Downtown Los Angeles)

FREE EVENT in the Arts District

Kaleidoscope-PST logo


SCI-Arc @ 960 E. 3rd St., Los Angeles 90013 MAP  WEBSITE

Admission: $15 (or $12 for seniors and students)

To honor California-native John Cage’s centenary and influence, K-PST and Freewaves present RE:COMPOSITION, a thematic performance program that considers how current compositional practices and tools enable artists from all disciplines to re-conceive or reconstitute aspects of their art production. The program features JD Beltran with Marc Barrite, Sandro Dukic, Joan Jeanrenaud with Paul de Jong, and Joan Retallack with Michael Ives.

FREE EVENT in the Arts District

Le Mutant

Le Mutant from France and House Sounds from Chicago perform live on stage.


Downtown Artist Space @ 1247 E. 6th St., Los Angeles 90021 MAP

Admission: FREE

FREE EVENT in the Arts District A spectacular day of sounds by Los Angeles Free Music Society on SATURDAY 1/28 @ 12-7 PM at The Box LA located at 805 Traction Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90013 – WEBSITE