The Arts District and Downtown Los Angeles have been popular places to shoot music videos, television shows, commercials, art documentaries, feature & short films, home movies, news clips, travel videos, and more.

Know of other videos to share? Send an email with the link so I can post it below or on the Downtown Muse YouTube Channel.


“Because I Can’t Be Beethoven” performance by Parris Patton on March 24, 2007 at Dangerous Curve – the artist hammers, axes and burns his way through a block of ice to reveal a retired piano.

“Young Turks” by Rod Stewart submitted by Scot Ezzell

Al’s Bar on No Talent Night, 1990 featuring Girl George Berk with Naomi Ruth Eisenburg on fiddle, Brad Stubbs, and Honey Davis on bongos (submitted by Scot Ezzell).

“Look at this Instagram” parody” by CollegeHumor Originals

“JR Wrinkles in the City – Downtown Los Angeles” by LALA Arts

Spot 100 promo video showcasing Wurstkuche, The Pie Hole, Zip Fusion and more (submitted by Scot Ezzell)